Legal Lens Verification: The Easiest Way to Find a Lawyer

William Peacock, Esq.

Much like other professional industries, lawyers often get a bad name due to a few rotten apples. So how do you know if your chosen attorney is more of a passionate, zealous advocate and not a money-grubbing crook?

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Chicagoland, look no further than the Legal Lens Attorney Verification System, now available online.

Let’s start with the basics of finding an attorney. Sure, you could check the Yellow Pages, assuming you still remember how to use a phone book (we don’t). You could ask around, but do you really want to discuss your sensitive legal issues with friends or coworkers?

FindLaw has a pretty comprehensive directory of attorneys in every practice area and geographic location imaginable. From there, you can research each attorney on the state bar’s website, on consumer review sites like Yelp, and perhaps find out a bit about their biographies from their own sites.

Or you could just meander over to the Chicago Legal Authority website, where the Legal Lens Attorney Verification System is up and running. It has a list of attorneys practicing personal injury law in the Chicago area. It’s not just names and phone numbers, however. It also checks for state bar discipline issues, reputation issues, the number of years actively licensed, the number of cases handled, and the amount of money recovered in verdicts.

That’s a lot of information, right? The attorney verification service is great place to start. After all, do you really have time to look up each lawyer’s name on the state bar website, then Google the name, then read Yelp reviews, then read their website for their own claims about their successes?

Isn’t it easier just to let someone else verify the attorney’s credentials for you, for free?

Once you’ve found a few candidates with stellar credentials, set up appointments with them and visit a few until you find one that you are truly comfortable with. And if you’d like a few tips on what to look for in the consultations, check out our sister blog’s post on choosing an attorney here.

Note: Legal Lens is a product of FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business.

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