Medical malpractice claimed over birth injury in Chicago

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When we check into a hospital, we expect that doctors and hospital staff are experienced and skilled providers of care. That may be especially true in the event of childbirth. But unfortunately, birth injuries happen all too often because of doctor negligence. This may be the case in a recent medical malpractice lawsuit filed in late December 2012 in Cook County.

On Christmas Day 2004, a pregnant mother checked into the University of Chicago Medical Center. Doctors there decided to deliver the baby by Cesarean section. The mother now claims in her medical malpractice lawsuit that two doctors were negligent in performing the surgery. She says her baby son suffered a facial laceration measuring 1.5 centimeters on his left temple. The wound required a number of stitches.

The lawsuit names two doctors as defendants and claims that the medical center’s staff failed to provide a reasonable degree of skill and care in the C-section surgery. The mother, who has filed the lawsuit on behalf of her young son, has requested a jury trial. If successful, she and her son could receive compensation for multiple damages, including the suffering her son has gone through since birth.

In particular, birth injuries can lead to lifelong problems for the child and his or her parents. Conditions such as cerebral palsy, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and brain damage are not uncommon in these situations.

Other Illinois residents who have suffered the effects of a birth injury should be aware of their legal options under current medical malpractice laws.

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Medical malpractice claimed over birth injury in Chicago