Passengers injured in CTA bus crash

On behalf of Casey Woodruff

As residents of the Chicago area are likely aware, it is a bustling, thriving city. Part of what contributes to that character is its public transportation system. In addition to the trains that transport individuals around the city at scheduled times, buses are also available. While these types of mass transit provide a much needed modes of transportation, as is the case with other motor vehicles, it is possible that a crash could occur.

Last month, a CTA bus was involved in a collision with two cars. Based on the accident scene after the fact, it appeared that both cars drove into the bus. While specifics surrounding what caused the two vehicles to hit the bus are unclear, it is known that the early morning incident sent a total of eight individuals to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately none of those injuries appear to be life-threatening.

This is not always the case when a bus is involved in a crash. Depending on the speed the bus and the other vehicles involved in the collision is, it is possible that the injuries could have been much worse. This is due to the extra force driving at a high rate of speed can create upon impact with the bus. Because, the number of individuals who could be on a bus at any given time the number of people who could be hurt in an accident can be greater as well.

If someone is seriously injured in a bus accident it is possible that an individual could sue the person responsible for the injuries. This would be accomplished by a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “8 hurt in West Side crash involving CTA bus,” April 14, 2013

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Passengers injured in CTA bus crash