Safe driving tips for spring

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Right now our region is in the throes of winter weather. Sleet, freezing rain, snow and ice are hazards that keep many drivers at home. For those hearty enough to venture out and brave the conditions, they know that staying alert and limiting distractions are key in avoiding accidents.

However, Groundhog Day passed with a shadow sighting, so spring is on its way. When weather gets better, many more drivers are expected to be on the road, including motorcyclists. As a rite of spring, drivers seemingly must learn how to drive all over again. With that, we offer a few helpful tips to help motorists stay safe.

Drive for the conditions – Spring time comes with a wide range of weather, and it is common to find a few vestiges of winter in the form of icy conditions. Tornadoes are also prevalent in the spring. Suffice it to say, drivers should adjust their speed to correspond to the current conditions.

Understand your car’s braking systems – Knowing how your car will react in emergency situations is essential. You don’t have to know the exact specifications of how short your car’s stopping distance is, but knowing that you will be able to stop within a certain estimate is helpful. For example, at 35 miles per hour, the average car will travel another 32 feet even before applying the brakes.

Avoid technological distractions – The national campaign on ending distracted driving has reached millions of drivers, especially teenagers. As such, putting away cell phones before driving is the best way to avoid technological distractions, especially in light of new interactive advances.

If you have questions about civil liability in the event of an accident caused through these factors, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

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Safe driving tips for spring