Six Chicago residents injured by wayward vehicle

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Vehicle collisions happen on Chicago streets all the time. In most circumstances the drivers involved in the car accidents are able to get their vehicles off of the streets to avoid causing problems for other people. In some cases the accidents are severe enough that people outside of the vehicles become involved.

An accident in a northwest Chicago neighborhood ended with one of the vehicles leaving the street and crashing into the yard of a private home. Several people were outside of the home at the time of the accident, which resulted in five ambulances responding to attend to six injured individuals. Among the injured were two children, and four of the six injured people were initially listed in critical condition with serious injuries. Two local hospitals received the accident victims for treatment.

Although no charges have been filed against the drivers involved in the initial car accident, the individuals who were seriously injured as a result of being outside of their home when the car smashed into their yard may be entitled to compensation for the personal and property damages they sustained from the wayward car. Car accidents can result from negligent actions, such as distracted or reckless driving, and individuals whose negligence causes injury to others may be held accountable for their actions and be required to make injured parties whole. An accident investigation may reveal whose negligence is to blame for this incident.

Damages suffered from car accidents may not just involve repairs to the involved vehicles and medical treatment for the drivers and their passengers. Because of the speeds that vehicles travel and the large sizes that many cars possess, the potential for bystander injury in an auto collision is significant and dramatically illustrated by this Chicago-area crash.

Source: NBC 5 Chicago, “6 Injured When Car Crashes Into Front Yard,” Sandra Endo, May 1, 2013

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Six Chicago residents injured by wayward vehicle