Summer trips to amusement parks could lead to child injuries

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After a long, hard winter of being cooped up inside for so long, many residents of Chicago cannot wait to get out of the house. With summer in full swing it is likely that families will be looking for activities to fill some of their long days. For some, this could mean a trip to an amusement park or summertime festival. One of the many activities to do in such places include riding amusement rides.

As it turns out, this activity could be hazardous to the lives of children. According to a study that was recently published in Clinical Pediatrics, over the 10 year period stretching from 1990 to 2010, a total of approximately 92,885 children were hurt in such incidents. In this case the term children is used to describe someone under the age of 18.

The child injuries were the result of different activities such as falling and striking another object. The head and neck were the most commonly injured parts of the body in these cases.

While many likely consider rides that go fast, such as roller coasters, to be some of the most dangerous, in reality, rides designed for younger children often result in more injuries. The study found that 20.9 percent of the injuries recorded happened to children riding carousels. In contrast, roller coasters only accounted for 10 percent of injuries suffered by young amusement park visitors.

While fortunately in most cases these injuries are not fatal, the recovery period can nonetheless be long and difficult. It can also be expensive. This leads many parents of children who have been hurt in this way to file personal injury claims to try to obtain damages.

Source: Penn Live, “Scared of roller coasters? The carousel could be a far scarier ride,” Ivey DeJesus, May 27, 2013

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Summer trips to amusement parks could lead to child injuries