The unseen danger of televisions and children

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Pediatricians and child psychologists may lament the danger that television could have on youn children. From cognitive disorders to childhood obesity, the physical and mental dangers can possibly be avoided by having kids go outside and play. But another danger lurks in every home that has a television, one that many have not considered until now.

According to a BBC report, falling television sets are an important danger that has not been addressed on a wide scale.

Researchers who reviewed injury reports found that most injuries were minor, and less than three percent required hospital admission, but the number of children hurt was significant. Close to 200,000 children have been hurt over the last 20 years, and the number of annual injuries has inceased with the advent of flat-screen televisions.

These televisions, many of which are less than two inches thick, are well-known for their light weights and sharp picture resolutions. However, they are more likely to be tipped over from their foundations or fall from wall mounts than their older counterparts.

In 2011, 12, 300 children were injured by falling televisions, compared to 5,455 kids in 1990. Also, it was found that 99 percent of U.S. households own at least one television, while more than half have three or more. Moreover, older televisions (ostensibly replaced by flat-screens) are being placed in unsafe places, such as on top of dressers or unstable tables.

With these numbers, it is not surprising that the number of children being hurt continues to increase.

Nevertheless, manufacturers have a duty to correct safety defects that could lead to consumers being hurt through no fault of their own.

Source:, More U.S. children injured by falling televisions – study, July 22, 2013

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The unseen danger of televisions and children