USPS truck driver delivers damaging blows to Chicago resident

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The white U.S. Postal Service trucks with a bold red and blue stripe down the side are a familiar sight across the United States. For some people, they are such a common part of everyday life that they may go unnoticed, or seemingly blend in with the traffic. That wasn’t likely the case earlier this month for a woman who was walking near City Hall this week in Chicago.

On the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 10, an on-duty U.S. Postal Service employee made a right hand turn onto Washington. After he rounded the corner, he drove the vehicle into the path of a female pedestrian. The postal truck collided with the pedestrian, but it was unsurprisingly the pedestrian that suffered the injuries in the accident.

Although the specific details were not shared in the report, the news affairs officer with the Chicago Police confirmed that she was taken in critical condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The news affairs officer said that she was expected to survive the injuries that were suffered in the collision.

After the truck accident, the driver of the USPS vehicle waited in the cab until officers with the Chicago Police Department arrived on the scene. The officers determined that the woman had not been in the crosswalk at the time of the accident. Although the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk, the driver was taken into custody and expected to be cited for striking a pedestrian in the roadway.

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Source: Chicago Tribune, “Woman hit, critically injured by postal truck near City Hall,” Jan. 10, 2013

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USPS truck driver delivers damaging blows to Chicago resident