What hospitals won’t tell you: 8 of the most common errors, II

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In our prior post, we began to name a few of the most common medical errors that lead to issues in hospitals and other care centers in Illinois and across the nation. We covered medication errors in the first post of this series, and our Illinois personal injury blog readers were left with the promise that they would hear the other seven most common errors.

The second most common error may not lead to the same physical injuries that medication errors do, but it is one that can cause other serious harm. The second most common error is the failure to keep your personal information private.

Whether it is due to illegal activity from hackers, mistake or other avenues, personal information often finds its way into the wrong hands. Patients can request that they be notified if their information has been accessed or compromised in any way.

Doctors need real life experience to become professionals, but what if a physician in training makes a decision he or she shouldn’t have or didn’t have the authority to make? This is the third most common error. Be sure to ask about credentials when receiving care, treatment or advice.

Other common errors include long delays after hitting a nurse’s call light, the understaffing of nurses, unhealthy — not just tasteless — hospital food, long wait times in the emergency department and the failure by hospital staff to wash their hands after every instance of patient contact.

No matter what the reason may have been, anyone injured in a medical malpractice incident should discuss their possible claim with an experienced attorney in Chicago.

Source: Yahoo! Health, “Protect Yourself: 8 Common Mistakes Made by Hospital Staffs,” Cindy Kuzma, Oct. 7, 2013

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What hospitals won’t tell you: 8 of the most common errors, II