Winter storm snarls traffic, causes accidents

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A winter storm passed through our region yesterday, making travel difficult throughout Southern Illinois. The system started with sleet and freezing rain, and continued with snow as temperatures fell during the evening. The accumulation of ice and snow made roads treacherous, and led to some school districts cancelling classes, while others dismissed students early.

As conditions deteriorated, reports of cars sliding into ditches and accidents occurring increased. The sheriff’s department in Franklin County reported that crashes occurred “everywhere”, and Mount Vernon police warned that people should not travel unless absolutely necessary. Crashes were also reported on Interstate 64 and Illinois 13.

While winter weather blasts are still expected during this time of year, it seems appropriate to revisit our post from last week, where we reminded our readers of several tips that would help motorists avoid accidents. We find it especially important because of the prevalence of sleet and snow, and how they can easily turn to ice as temperatures drop.

We mentioned last week that drivers should really understand how to drive for the conditions. This is an important consideration given the legal duty drivers have to use reasonable care while behind the wheel. In essence, a reasonable person would slow down on icy roads in order to the reduce the likelihood of an accident. If a driver fails to do so, he or she could be viewed as being negligent, which could lead to civil liability.

A person injured by a negligent driver can seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering as well as damage to their vehicle. For questions about pursuing compensation after an accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: The, Winter mix=winter mess, February 22, 2013

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Winter storm snarls traffic, causes accidents