Chicago Business Law Firms

When a person decides to start a business numerous legal questions crop up – from the type of business that will be formed to the division of ownership.  Running a business presents its own legal questions – liability of owners for the business’ actions and how to get compensated for broken contracts.  And finally, when […]

Chicago Business Law Videos

Starting a business leads to a whole host of legal issues.  What type of business organization should I start – sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC or corporation?  What should I do if I need to buy or sell this business?  With whom do I file legal paperwork? These Chicago business law videos will provide you […]

Business Law

Every day in the greater Chicago area, people operate businesses. These may be as small as a home-based “store” selling handcrafts or as large as a factory that employs hundreds of workers. Unfortunately, statistics show that most new businesses will fail within the first year. Why are so many businesses failing when the owners have […]