Mayor Rahm Emanuel Pushes For Tougher Gun Possession Penalties

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and law enforcement personnel are seeking to toughen Illinois gun possession laws. Emanuel is seeking to increase minimum sentencing requirements for people convicted of gun possession from one year to three years in prison, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The mayor and prosecutors are also seeking to require that anyone convicted of felony […]

Chicago Cop Allegedly Hit Bicyclist, Tried to Cover Up Fault

Michael Bergeson, a Chicago Police officer, is accused of crashing his truck into a bicyclist while off duty and then fleeing the scene, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Later, Bergeson allegedly filed a phony police report blaming his victim for the crash, authorities said. He’s now facing serious criminal charges, including leaving the scene of an […]

Chicago Civil Rights Videos

Chicago has a deep history of civil rights and was a leader in ending segregation and harnessing protest energies into the Chicago Freedom Movement.  Yet today discrimination persists. Find Chicago civil rights videos below that provide information on what to do if you are the victim of civil rights abuse.

Chicago Civil Rights Law firms

If a person is a victim of unlawful arrest, search, seizure or police force they may have civil rights case against a governmental agency.  When a person is discriminated against based on age, race or religion by an entity, that entity may be liable for civil rights violation.  In both instances having skillful representation by […]

Civil Rights

Civil rights cases are those where a person or entity is alleged to have interfered with someone else’s exercise of his or her individual legal rights. Chicago civil rights are exceedingly personal in one of two ways. The first type of personal right, rooted in the U.S. Constitution, are those individual freedoms with which the […]