Chicago Contracts Law Firms

Contract law governs many parts of an individual’s personal and professional life.  The engine of business relies on contracts to form businesses, license products, protect confidential information and hire employees or independent contractors.  Most dealings regarding real property are done through a contract, either a lease or land sale.  Finally, purchase and sale agreements of […]

Chicago Contracts Law Videos

Drafting of agreements is an essential element of society.  Contracts govern everything from familial rights to real estate transactions, business arrangements and simple sale transactions. Chicago Legal Authority, through the help of local attorneys and law firms, has created a library of Chicago contracts law videos.  These videos present an overview of contracts law.  Watch […]


The ability of two parties to make a legally enforceable agreement, that is a “contract,” is a mainstay of the law going back centuries. Without Chicago contracts law, people and businesses would find it difficult to buy or sell goods or hire or be a service provider because people are hesitant to make commitments without […]