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Most people will make all efforts to avoid becoming litigants, but in many cases litigation, the process of a lawsuit, may be required.   This usually follows the inability of parties to achieve an amicable resolution.  When a person does enter into litigation or need to appeal a prior litigations ruling they can turn to Chicago […]

Chicago Litigation & Appeals Videos

Browse the Chicago litigation & appeals videos below to start understanding the various types of cases that might be involved in legal proceedings.  These videos will answer questions regarding business, real estate, employment, divorce and other types of litigation.  The videos are from some of the top firms in the Chicago area and are based […]

Litigation & Appeals

Litigation is the process by which one party brings a lawsuit in a court of law seeking to remedy a wrong or enforce a legal right. Appealing is the process by which one party asks a higher court to review the decisions of the lower trial court for prejudicial legal errors. Litigation The party who […]