Chicago Probate & Estates Law Firms

Probate refers to the administration and processing of an estate after a person’s death.    To avoid the cost and litigation involved with probate you should consult with a knowledgeable Chicago probate  attorney about the matter.  Here at Chicago Legal Authority we have compiled a list of Chicago probate & estates law firms that can help […]

Chicago Probate & Estate Videos

Probate usually refers to administering the estate of a deceased person, resolving claims against the deceased’s estate and distributing the estate property under a will.  Probate includes many types of legal process including guardianship litigation, estate administration and guardianship administration. The Chicago probate & estate videos contain introductory lessons on this part of the law.  […]

Probate & Estates

When a person who owned assets dies in Illinois, a court-supervised process, known as probate, is usually required to settle the person’s estate. The estate is the property, debts and other obligations of a deceased person. The process of settling an estate includes the following: Collecting and preparing an inventory of the assets the person […]