Chicago Social Security Disability Law firms

If you or a loved one cannot continue to work due to a disability, you may be eligible for social security disability insurance benefits of supplemental security income.  Before you apply you should contact a Chicago SSD attorney.  Chicago Social Security Disability SSD law firms can help in applying for an initial determination or discuss […]

Chicago Social Security Disability SSD videos

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI) is a tax-funded, federal insurance program provided by the federal government.  The program is funded by the payroll tax and managed by the Social Security Administration.  SSDI benefits provide income supplements to people who cannot pursue full employment due to disability. To learn more about this area of […]

Social Security Disability

Social Security disability can be a valuable asset, especially if you are either limited in the amount of work you can do or no longer able to work. Factor in medical expenses, and it is easy to see why Social Security disability can be something of a lifeline in terms of providing the funds you […]