Aurora Man Guilty of Groping Female Passenger

Srinivasa Erramilli has a problem, apparently. The 45-year-old software consultant has been arrested on three separate occasions for allegedly groping women aboard flights.

The most recent incident took place last year when Erramilli reportedly groped a woman while on a flight from Las Vegas to Chicago. On Thursday, he was found guilty of abusive sexual contact and could face several years in prison, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Erramilli was sitting in between his victim and her husband on the flight from Vegas. The couple was on their way home after celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary.

Erramilli brazenly began running his hand up the woman’s thigh, according to authorities. Though her eyes were closed, the victim was awake. She began beating Erramilli and yelled, “Get your hands off me!”

Rather than apologizing, however, Erramilli told his victim that she’d “liked it.” No word on what her husband was up to during the whole ordeal.

Erramilli has apparently used the same excuse on multiple occasions. He was arrested back in 1999 for a groping incident on a flight from Detroit. Then in 2002, he received probation after a similar episode on a Northwest Airlines flight from San Jose.

This time, however, he could get jail time. Since the offense took place in the air, it’s under federal jurisdiction. Under federal law, any person who causes unwanted sexual contact with another person is guilty of abusive sexual contact. It’s punishable by up to two years in prison.

Erramilli’s wife began crying when the verdict was read. If he is sent to prison, he’ll be leaving two children behind. Erramilli is currently free on bond until his sentencing hearing in April.

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